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 When Service Matters

Buying American isn’t as easy as it used to be, and for companies that care where their products are made, that’s a big deal. Midwest Automation has been using American labor and locally available components for over 60 years. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota we are here for you day and night, and never out of the country.

Technical Parts & Service

Midwest assures customer satisfaction through our toll-free customer service support line and over $1,000,000.00 in parts inventory available to ship within 24 hours.

Training & Field Service

Field training, technical support, and domestic and international field service is provided by our dedicated factory technicians who work hard to ensure that our customers have accurate working knowledge of our machines and systems, and that they are operating to full production capacity.

All Support, Sales, Service, and Parts are 100% in the USA

We’re base out of America’s Heartland in Minnesota. We’re tried and true, here for you. When service counts, you can count on us. Contact Midwest Automation today at 800-697-1444.

Need Something Else?

We employ some of the best technical engineers in the USA. Our extensive application knowledge, coupled with creative machine design, allows us to provide unique and reliable solutions that improve your manufacturing processes, while also supported by local parts and service. Talk to Sales to learn more at 800-697-1444.

Operating Manuals

Available in printed or CD formats.

Need Parts Fast?

Call Toll Free 800-697-1444 for Customer Service.


Our technicians will make sure you understand how to work your machine. Contact us today at 800-697-1444 for any additional training questions.

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