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Sidewinder TBr

Sidewinder TBr Top Brush (Dry/Wet) Series

The Sidewinder TBr Top Brush Series is designed for economically deburring and/or edge rounding a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous components. One or two head configurations are available where fewer passes are required to achieve the desired results.  

The Sidewinder TBr Series is engineered to have common systems and parts. Creating modular systems gives Midwest Automation the flexibility to customize machines and production for your working environment. Click here for more information on Sidewinder TBr Series modular designs.

The machines are most effective on parts fabricated on lasers, water jet cutters, shears, or punch presses.

As a result of mounting the disc and/or brushes horizontally over the conveyor, the part is introduced in such a way that every edge, including holes and slots, are deburred and radiused using Scotch-Brite™ discs and proprietary top brushes.

Simple to use. Easy to maintain. Made in USA.

Standard Features

  • Upper and lower frames manufactured from heavy-duty steel plate
  • Conveyor bed is manufactured with 0.375 inch thick steel plate
  • Conveyor bed machined to insure flatness
  • Electric thickness adjustment
  • Smooth top high coefficient of friction belt to hold small parts
  • Automatic conveyor belt tracking system
  • Pressure regulator for conveyor belt tracking
  • Cartridge-style top brush head assembly(s): handwheel adjustment to maximize abrasive media wear, 10 inch diameter abrasive brushes or Scotch-Brite pads, standard oscillating speed of 250 stokes per minute, thickness pointer and scale
  • Pinch rollers are spring-loaded
  • Infeed conveyor section includes 2 vinyl covered rollers
  • Electrical control panel with 24 volt DC circuit
  • HMI/PLC controls with 5.7 inch color monitor
  • Internal jog switch to facilitate setup
  • Wet models include: stainless steel catch pan, automatic parts dryer with Air Sonic™ air knife, automatic paper bed filter
  • Dry models include: conveyor belt cleaning, dust collection pickups
  • Infeed safety bar with over-thickness limit switch
  • Exterior doors include safety interlocks
  • UL/CSA approved components
  • Emergency stop
  • One & two head configurations