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RB 30/60/80/120 Series (Dry/Wet) 
Centerless Deburring, Finishing & Polishing

Randbright Dry/Wet Centerless, Finishing, Polishing and Deburring Machines run a variety of abrasive belts, finishing wheels, wire brushes, and buffing wheels for grinding, finishing, deburring, brushing, and cleaning.

Applications include welded pipes, tubes, and stainless steel hand rails as well as electrical motor rotors, medical devices, steering racks, automotive valves, camshafts, piston rings, brake calipers, transmission components, zirconium tubing, lighting features, diesel injectors, hydraulic piston rods, brass tubing, helicopter rotor pins, and more.

Several models and systems available depending upon customer requirements.


Standard Features (Dry & Wet)

  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • Rubber coated feed drum with hand-wheel adjusted skew angle and mechanical counter
  • Electronic variable speed feed drum control
  • Head assembly(s) are mounted on dove tail slides with mechanical counter
  • TEFC-rated abrasive belt/wheel motor with large diameter spindle
  • Digital ammeter for each head assembly
  • Large diameter contact drum and idler roller are high speed balanced
  • Pneumatic loaded idler roller with mechanical tracking system
  • Hand-wheel adjusted part diameter and head pressure 
  • Hand-wheel adjusted guide blade supports with standard UHMW inserts
  • 24 volt electric control panel with push button controls
  • 3M #356 flanges, abrasive belts and Scotch-Brite wheels
  • Available in belt head, brush head and/or buff head (dry only) configurations

Dry only

  • Dust collection pickup(s)

Wet only

  • Manual  paper bed filter with clean tank, sludge bin and clean fluid return pump (single head model)
  • Automatic paper bed filter with 10 GPM flow rate and 45 gallon tank (multiple head models)
  • Two (2) flexible coolant nozzles per head
  • Stainless steel catch pan to contain water/coolant

Optional Accessories (Dry & Wet)

  • Automatic load/unload tables
  • Custom guide blade non-marring inserts
  • Short part and small diameter part kits
  • Go/No Go light kits
  • Pop-up head kits
  • Buffing compound applicators Automatic lubrication systems
  • Electronic abrasive head speed & thickness controls

Finished Metal Parts

Rounds collage
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