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Mighty 9M Modular Design Platform for Deburring,
Edge Deburring, Edge Rounding & Finishing

Mighty 9M

Midwest Automation is pleased to welcome the updated Mighty 9M Modular Design Platform to our line of (Dry) Compact Deburring and Finishing machines. The new Mighty 9M Modular Design Platform is a 9-inch wide machine built to be versatile and reliable in any production environment, and engineered to have common systems and parts. Creating modular systems gives Midwest Automation the flexibility to customize machines and production for a customer's specific working environment.

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Standard Features

  • Modular cantilever design
  • Lower frame manufactured from heavy-duty steel plate
  • Cantilever design for processing wider parts in two passes (belt head models only)
  • Heavy duty conveyor bed weldment is precision ground to ensure flatness
  • Handwheel operated thickness adjustment utilizing two (2) precision jacks and digital readout
  • Modular design with (2) open stations for (FB) fixed belt, (AB) adjustable belt, or (TB) top brush assembly that can be configured in any combination
  • Fixed and adjustable belt assemblies include:
    - 3 inch diameter rubber coated contact drum with spiral grooves
    - Self-centering tracking system with crowned pulley (no compressed air required)
    - Adjustable belt head assemblies are manually adjusted with digital readout
    - 7.50 HP abrasive belt motor
  • Top brush assembly includes:
    - Manual thickness adjustment with digital readout
    - 0.75  HP abrasive brush motor
    - Designed for use with 10 inch diameter top brushes or Scotch-brite pad holder
    - Double top brush models (TB-TB) are offset to improve edge-rounding performance
  • Electronic controlled variable speed conveyor speed control with AC drive
  • Four (4) 1.50 inch diameter spring-loaded pinch rollers
  • Flush mounted control panel with push button controls
  • Individual ammeters for each head
  • Individual dust collection hookups for each head
  • Infeed-end safety bar
  • Safety interlocks and emergency stop
  • Made in the USA

3D Drawings for Mighty 9M Modular Design Platform

The new modular design allows the abrasive heads to be assembled in multiple configurations for maximum flexibility in meeting a variety a deburring, finishing and edge rounding applications. 
M9M-2 Modular
Model FB-TB
Fixed Belt-Top Brush


Model TB-TB
Top Brush-Top Brush
Model FB-AB
Fixed Belt-Adjustable Belt