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Metal Industrial Machines & Applications

Midwest Automation entered the metal deburring, edge rounding, and finishing markets through the acquisition of Randbright Corporation in 2002. The product line includes flat and centerless (cylindrical) deburring, edge rounding, finishing and polishing machines for both dry and wet applications, and wet dust collectors to compliment the product line of machines and systems. Made in USA.
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Flat (Dry) Deburring, Edge Rounding & Finishing 

Midwest Automation manufactures Dry Deburring, Edge Rounding, and Finishing machines designed for shops that require a rugged machine to economically deburr and/or finish a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous components. Two and three head configurations are available where fewer passes are required to achieve the desired results. Simple to use. Easy to maintain. Made in USA.

(Dry) Machine Models include:
Mini 9 Compact Deburring & Finishing
Mini 9i Compact Deburring & Finishing
Mighty 9 Compact Deburring & Finishing
Patriot Series Deburring, Edge Rounding, Finishing
Sidewinder TBr Top Brush Multi-Directional Deburring & Edge Rounding

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Flat (Wet) Deburring, Edge Rounding & Finishing 

Midwest Automation Wet Deburring, Edge Rounding, and Finishing Machines are designed for the industrial user to economically deburr and/or finish a wide variety of component parts made from either sheet metal or steel plate. A Multi-Directional Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine is offered for flat panels that require deburring or radiusing the edges and/or removing laser oxide. Made in USA.

(Wet) Machine Models include:
Nautilus Series Deburring, Edge Rounding & Finishing
Sidewinder SDi Single Disc Series Multi-Directional Deburring & Edge Rounding

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Randbright (Dry/Wet) Centerless Finishing, Polishing & Deburring

Randbright Dry/Wet Centerless, Finishing, Polishing and Deburring Machines run a variety of abrasive belts, finishing wheels, wire brushes, and buffing wheels for grinding, finishing, deburring, brushing, and cleaning. Several models and systems available depending upon customer requirements.

Applications include welded pipes, tubes, and stainless steel hand rails as well as electrical motor rotors, medical devices, steering racks, automotive valves, camshafts, piston rings, brake calipers, transmission components, zirconium tubing, lighting features, diesel injectors, hydraulic piston rods, brass tubing, helicopter rotor pins, and more. Made in USA.

(Dry/Wet) Machine Models include:
Various models available.

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Niagara Wet Dust Collection - FIND NEW SIDE PHOTO

Niagara Wet Dust Collectors from Midwest Automation are designed to efficiently clean or filter contaminated air in a variety of metal grinding, deburring or sanding operations that create metal dust, abrasive media residue, and potentially explosive materials. Dust particles are separated from the air by mixing the contaminated air using water as a filtration media. Made in USA.

Available in three (4) series and fifteen (17) different models, the Niagara meets a wide variety of applications.

Machine Models include:
Niagara SSE Series
Niagara SS Series
Niagara CS Series
Niagara DC Compact Series



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