Introducing the New Accu-Track Belt Tracking System Designed for Patriot & Nautilus Machines

Midwest Automation is excited to introduce the new Accu-Track Abrasive Belt Tracking System designed to control grain waves or patterns associated with belt oscillations caused by the automatic tracking system, 
and to minimize mis-tracking associated with abrasive belt thickness variances. We’re offering this new system to existing customers in
a Retrofit Kit and introducing it as a Standard Feature on all new Patriot and Nautilus machines!

So, how does it work?
A common problem in the industry is that at slower feed feeds necessary for defect removal or to provide adequate deburring and edge rounding, a wave can be seen in the grain patterns as the abrasive belt tracking system oscillates.  The Accu-Track system allows the operator to adjust the tracking cylinder stoke and the resulting belt oscillation distance to control these linear grains or patterns.  Additionally, the system allows the operator to tweak the position of the tracking cylinder from the operator’s side of the machine using a trim knob for quick and reliable adjustments when changing abrasive belts.