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Aviation Presses - ThermoLaminating Systems

Midwest Automation's line of  thermo-laminating aviation presses is designed for flat panel and 3-dimensional laminating, and considered one of the most complete and technologically advanced lines in the aviation industry. With over 20 years experience, Midwest manufactures a variety of models for clamshell, shuttle and vertical lift config-urations with single and/or double membranes to eliminate part fixturing, and with upper and/or lower heating systems for single or double sided laminations. 

Bottom line? We help you laminate better, increase productivity, and improve quality.

For more information and features, click here for the full line product brochure.

Shuttle Aviation Presses

AP 710_1010S

AP 710S and AP 1010S Shuttle Aviation Presses
“Shuttle” style thermo-laminating presses designed to laminate flat and 3-dimensional panels as typically found in aircraft and railcar interiors.

This system uses infrared heating and vacuum.  Two configurations are available to produce panels up to either 15 or 24 inches thick at the center of the form.

Shown with optional pneumatic locking cylinders, cooling fans and light curtain. An optional second shuttle can be added to increase production.

Clamshell Aviation Presses

AP 508C-DM fixed bed
AP 508C-DM lower membrane

AP 508C and AP 508C-DM Clamshell Aviation Presses
(Single & Double Membrane)
"Clamshell” style thermo-laminating presses are designed to laminate a variety of flat and 3-dimensional panels using infrared heating and vacuum.  The system can produce a maximum part thickness up to 15 inches at the center of the form, as typically found in aircraft and railcar interiors.

Available in single and double membrane models for increased flexibility.

Aviation Press for Aircraft & Railcar Interiors with Hydraulic Vertical Lifting System 

AP 712V Aviation Press

AP 712V Aviation Press
A thermo-laminating press using a hydraulic vertical lifting system to open and close the large upper heating/vacuum chamber. The system is designed to laminate 24-inch thick 3-dimensional parts by allowing the infrared emitters to be individually adjusted to the part contour.

Aviation Press Laminating System for High Production Environments

AP 710XS Aviation Press Laminating System
Model AP 712V is the ultimate in thermo-laminating presses when it comes to laminating composite panels

in a high production environments with maximum emphasis on quality control.  The system includes an upper and lower infrared heating system with precision temperature controls, dual powered shuttles, silicone membranes mounted to pneumatically operated, hinged aluminum extrusions, and automatic locking to ensure vacuum seal.

The entire system is controlled using an Allen-Bradley® PanelView operator interface (HMI) and MicroLogix 1400 PLC control system.

Platen size is 84 X 120 inches.

AP 710XS
Aviation graphic

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